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I'm based in south of Sweden but take jobs worldwide!

I have a broad knowledge of filmmaking and a lot of experience from light design, storytelling and post production. I have worked with: Feature films, commercials, music videos, short films, TV-series and documentaries.

I have over fifteen years of experience in the business, after I graduated from film school (Skurups Filmlinje - SWE) 2006 and started freelancing 2008. 2012-2013 I worked full time in Paris at the production company Killdeath. A part of the advertising firm Fred & Farid.  Since then I have been freelancing as a DOP. 2018 I was invited to be an associated member of FSF. Please read my CV for more information and don’t hesitate to contact me!

Associate Cinematographer of


Godkänd för F-skatt

sedan 2008

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# Work

2013-2024   Freelancing 

2012-2013   Employed by FRED & FARID Group in Paris, France at KILLDEATH

2008-2012   Freelancing 

# Education

           2006   Nordic Filmmaking Workshop - Lenzflare / The Film Training Company -  Practical 35mm Film workshop

  2004-2006   Filmschool “Filmlinjen” - Skurups Folkhögskola, Skurup, Swe - Vocational Film education

           2005   Job training - Bald Film – Filmbyen, Danmark – Job training 10 weeks. Runner and assistant

           2004   Film science & Multimedia - Kronborg, Malmö, Swe - Multimedia A, Film science and more

  2000-2003   Visual arts - Frans Suellsgymnasiet, Malmö, Swe – Still photo A & B, Digital creating and more

# Prize/ award

The short film ”Bränner Staden” won third prize within ″Dance & Music Category″


Staff pick on 2012 for: "The Second Vision"


”Best Photo” working as a DOP 2006 on the Short movie ”En död kråka”


# Press & links

FSF Sweden

Hage - Råängen

Vad dom än säger - Vo PAM - Feivel - It was my heart

Sydsvenskan - Gaby and the Guns

Bränner Staden IMDB


no film school

Vimeo Staff Pic

Nasty old people blogg

Nasty old people imdb

Nasty old people wiki


# Cameras and formats - knowledge

All kinds of digital and analog formats. 

From ARRI ALEXA to Super8.


# Computer knowledge

Instructor in Adobe Suite. 

And handle much more!


# Language knowledge

Swedish: Mother tongue 

English: Fluid 

Danish: Good knowledge.


# Reference


Svensk Filmdatabas

Film Café

Please contact me for more information.

# Instagram feed

# Showreel

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